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Hey Gms!

Im not 100% sure if everything i wrote below is a bug, could happen if im missinformated.

-Pony don't resore mana?

-Pony skill reuse time can be reseted when relog. I red somwhere on forum it has a 6 hrs reuse time for mages(c1).

-When run far away (in full buff ofc i do) it just dissummoned.

-When you tp Toi you fall under ground, can be frustrated when you have no soe, belive me. ;)

-Deleting a char first i see have 1 day before delete, after a relog 7 days.

-Open 2 box sometimes causes client bugged, there is no line for ID only PW.

-Dualboxing makes not shown moving indicator sometimes cursor and like 3-4 times cursor also disaper. (happens when switch beetwen windows alt+tab).

-Spamming mana pots makes my toon tp a disctance forward. Was farming in LoA and flashed into a pytan family. They don't with cookies waited me. :)

-As far as i know there is no resist shock buff in C1.
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Hi, nice list, thanks for reporting!
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DarkiCraft said:
Get a pet quest doesn't work properly
Partisan Hideaway fortress doesn't work
I get critical error at the end of "Test of Searcher" quest all the time
NPC Sagittarius use prohibited words "fuck" in his dialogue
I get critical errors when I minimize window
I can't unsummon my pets When I play Summoner
Lighting strike skill never paralyze mobs/opponents
Please check passive cubic mastery
In Clan hall nr.3 in Dion, NPC teleports me to East of Dion instead of North of Dion
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Please, don't post on random topic with new bug-list - it will be hard to track them, discuss them and report fixes. I closed this topic and created separate ones for each bug.
Tnx Darkicraft for reporting