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As we have said, we are also creating a drop calculator for Chronicle 1.
Because the number of Quest is big enough (There are a few Quests left yet), we want your help. There will of course be a reward for your effort. You must copy in txt file and send me the walkthroughs from the Prima Guide.
Download Prima Guide

2 Crystal Enchant Scroll (Armor & Weapon)

Quest List
  • Test of Reformer
  • Test of Magus
  • Hunt of the Black Lion
  • The Song of the Hunter
  • Coin of Magic
  • Audience with the Land Dragon
  • Get a Pet
  • Pursuit of Clan Ambition!
ZaX: 16 x Crystal Enchant Scroll
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Test of the Duelist

For Gladiator,Swordsinger,Bladedancer,Tyrant

1. Talk to Duelist Kaien in Oren. He explains that a duelist is one who has extreme abilities with weapons.
He gives you a list of 10 monsters to kill. Each monster type must be killed 10 times.

2. Punchers are located in the middle of the wastelands

3. Noble Ant Leaders are deep in the Ant Nest

4. Marsh Stakato Drones are in Cruma Swamp

5. Dead Seekers are near the giant guillotine in Execution Grounds

6. Breka Orc Overlords are north of Giran, northwest of the end of the path

7. Fettered Souls are in the northern part of Death Pass

8. Leto Lizarmen Overlords are along the path that leads from Death Pass to Oren

9. Enchanted Monster Eyes are in the pit that surrounds the Ivory Tower

10. Both Tamlin Orcs and Tamlin Orc Archers are south of Hunters Village

11. Return to Duelist Kaien to receive another list of monsters to kill. This time it's 3 each of 5 types

12. Excuros and Krators are in Cruma Tower

13. Grandis: Head north from Death Pass, but do not cross the bridge into Oren. Instead, turn and go east until you run into Grandis

14. Timak Orc Overlords are just north of the Ivory Tower

15. Larkins are north of Hunter's Village, just south of the Enchanted Valley

16. Talk to Duelist Kaien again to get Mark of the Duelist
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Crystal Scrolls bugged...
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I confirm. And I have faced it. Let's discuss this question. Here or in PM.
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Hi Maydayred,

Next week I will be on vacation, so please send me PM (or write a new topic in "Bugs" section with problematic crystal scroll - how to reproduce it, what have you done. We will fix it (take a look at existed fix-list)
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