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AnimA project will have two main stages
1. PvP C1 server, at 01.06.2019
2. Low-rate Server C1, which will be opened this winter. New chronicles will be updated each 6 months: that it, C2, C3 and finally, C4

Why we need PvP C1 server?
As you might now, there are two main types of L2 servers: emulators (L2J-based) and L2 OFF (extender-based). AnimA introduces completely new type of server, which was never seen before: L2 OFF source-based! That it, we have sources for our L2 OFF server. We already fixed huge amount of bugs (over-buff, agit teleport problems, performance and security issues, etc etc). So, we run PvP server to test our changes.

When everything is done and perfectly tested, we will go to the most wanted stage 2: Low-rate C1 server with all fixes, and finally, next Chronicles and new contents.
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Дам в долг хорошее настроение, под проценты :)
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