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Game server overview:

PvP and Low-rate Servers:
  • L2 OFF files.
  • Full C1 scripts, fixed and checked manually
  • All retail features
PvP Server specific:
  • EXP/SP: 100x
  • Adena: 100x
  • Raid drops: 100x
  • Spoil rates: 100x
  • Custom NPC buffer
  • GM shop
  • First and Second Profession change NPC for the in game currency - adena (optional)
Low-rate Server specific:
  • EXP/SP: 5x
  • Adena: 5x
  • Raid drops: 5x
  • Spoil rates: 5x
  • Free offline shop (3 allowed)
  • 2 simultaneous accounts allowed
  • Anti-botting protection
  • Donations provide only cosmetic benefits
  • 24/7 player support
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Vote rewards system
Things that will never exist:
  • Pay to win items
  • Donation items
  • Donation currency
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It is as a result of the MP paired game bug. The match in question is between myself and Morbio, the scenario is Vouille, and the timing is 15 January 2019 at 7.55. Could you remove it from the server please?
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I am sorry, that I interfere, but it is necessary for me little bit more information.
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Hi so then will the low rate server open? Do you have a date in mind?
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Hello, I hope it will be a right after Christmas holidays. At least now everything goes smoothly.
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I imagine that something you dedicate so much time to put it online is having good publicity or am I wrong? sorry for my english (traducter GOOGLE :mrgreen: )
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we have about 100+ accs on x100 pvp beta test. Now ppl are waiting for low-rate C1+ server (with updates to C2-C3)
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