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In this topic We've put up the most frequently asked questions
Q: Are you going to open Tower of Insolence and Forbidden Gateway?
A: It's a C2 content, will be added during migration to C2 on low rate server. This requires C2 client, which will be our 1st priority.
Q: Is Epic Raid Boss curse activated?
A: It's a C2 content, but we added paralyze curse even on C1 testing PvP server.
Q: Do Epic Raid Bosses drop jewelery?
A: Epic accessory is a C2 content. But it doesn't require C2 client, we will add them as soon as we can
Q: Do Raid Bosses drop any items?
A: We are going to open online version of L2 data base, with our rates, where you could find all info about drop, spoil and npc spawn
Q: Are you going to add Raid Bosses at 60-75 lvl?
A: Raid-bosses are C2 content. We added few of them into C1 PvP testing server. However, each RB requires client changes, so probably we add more to C1 low rate, but you will see ALL of them as soon as we have C2 client migration completed
Q: Are you going to increase clan privileges?
A: It's not a C1, and don't have high prio. Will be done during C2/C3 evolution
Q: When is maintenance?
A: I do restart of PvP server from time to time (when there is no or very small online). Low-rate server will have restart each Monday's morning.
Q: Is Minimize window working?
A: C1 client doesn't allow this. C2 client does
Q: Are you going to make auto - soulshots?
A: It's a C3 content. But I know that it's annoying, so I'm going to add some workaround (maybe via .menu command) to enable it still with C1-C2 clients
Q: Are you going to close 100x rate pvp server?
A: Low-rate is our main goal. If we will manage 2 servers, we will keep PvP x100 alive (and it will be evolved together with C1 low-rate)
Q: Are you going to make Events?
A: Yes, ofc, there will be events, mostly official one (valentine's day, L2 day, pumpkins, dancing cats, etc). But as I wrote, PvP testing phase has been completed, we fixed bugs and now working on 100% low-rate opening, so almost no activity from my side on PvP server.
Q: Are you going to activate glow in the weapons?
A: It's C2 client limitation.
Q: Will you add offline shop?
A: Yes, I will add offline shop for 100%, just matter of time. Also, I'm going to add "vote reward" system - ppl have to vote for server on topzone/etc, and then they should talk to NPC and get some prizes (buff scrolls, enchant scrolls, etc) for each vote. This will be useful on low-rate server
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