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Mon Jul 08, 2019 8:22 am


After almost 2 months of PvP opening I would like to say thanks for all of you, who did the testing and reported bugs and improvements.
That was the goal of x100 C1 server. 95% of reported bugs (server crashes, content bugs, client ones) were fixed. Now I'm focusing on low-rate C1.

I will post short progress here:

Infrastructure: 80% done
Multiplayer: 75% done
Stats formulas: 80% done
World basic interactions: 15% done
Items related: 45% done
Skill related: 10% done
NPC interaction: 5% done
Multiplayer interaction: 0% done

Original C1 bugs fixed: 6

As you see, server is about 30% ready, and I hope I will be able to develop it up to 50% or 60% till the September. I will post progress in this topic.

So, no, we don't abandon the project. We just moved to intermediate phase - when x100 testing is almost completed, but low-rate is still needs hundreds or hours of work.